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At Sundaze, we actively seek collaborations with passionate, enthusiastic and determined brands and individuals. Whether you're just starting out as a drop in the ocean or ready to ride the biggest waves, we are here and ready to amplify your brand and share its compelling story with the world.

What We Do


Are you looking for help creating your communications strategy to ensure it aligns with your business objectives and values? A good communications function needs strong foundations and we can help with a comprehensive strategy that includes identifying the right mediums for your brand, crafting messaging, getting your comms. function up and running - including PR, social media and other marketing platforms. Then helping you to present your shiny, gorgeous company to your most valuable audiences.


Need more help than just ChatGPT? We are pros at creating engaging, informative and shareable content tailored to your most relevant mediums. From captivating blog posts and articles, website redesigns to attention-grabbing social media campaigns for your brand or senior leadership on LinkedIn. We know how to write the thumb stopping stuff.

Media & Influencer

As well as helping you to find your story, we can also help you share it through strong storytelling that delivers your brand message and column inches.  From developing compelling press releases to coordinating media interviews, we leverage our extensive network of contacts to secure valuable media placements in the titles and on the platforms most relevant to you.


With a keen understanding of the financial landscape, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between your brand and its stakeholders. By effectively communicating your business performance, strategic goals, and corporate values, we help build trust and confidence among your investor community. Through targeted engagement and precise messaging, we ensure that your brand's story is not only well-told but also well-received.


Our experienced team understands that successful brands thrive on engaged and loyal communities. Through strategic community management, we'll cultivate meaningful interactions, actively listen to your audience, and respond with care and expertise. By moderating discussions, addressing concerns, and amplifying positive sentiments, we'll ensure your brand maintains a strong online presence while building lasting relationships.


Our bespoke PR training programmes equip individuals and organisations with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle media inquiries, craft compelling messages, and effectively communicate their brand story. Whether you're a spokesperson, executive, or a team, our training sessions will enhance your PR capabilities and will be tailored to your exact needs.


Is your senior leadership team looking to grow their presence in the media or on social channels? We are experts in building reputation for C-suites and their equivalents through a holistic approach that includes content creation, social media strategies and media relations.

Events &

We possess the knowledge and skills to curate events that generate excitement, amplify brand visibility, and breathe life into brands.


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland


UK & Ireland

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain


Middle East

USA, Canada, Mexico


North America

Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark



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